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Connecting with one another in authentic community lies at the core of our mission to become and make disciples, because we are convinced that life change happens best in the context of relationships. At The Bridge, we pursue these relationships through Groups, equipping classes, weekly Bible studies, and one-on-one discipleship. We desire to continually raise the value of community, hoping that every follower of Jesus who calls The Bridge home will pursue relationships that challenge them to grow deeper and more complete in Christ. Interested in Groups?  Start by filling out the form below. 

"What is the importance of Groups?"

We believe that a growing believer needs to engage the church on multiple levels. We gather on Sunday mornings to worship and to be encouraged, but we scatter throughout the week in people's homes. We believe what happens in living rooms is just as important as Sunday morning gatherings.  If you are new here, or looking for more information about us, please watch this short video to learn more.

Why Groups?

natalie richardson

"Our Group has been the hands, feet, ears, and eyes of the Lord on countless occasions. They have loved us, pushed us, wept with us, carried us. Through community, they have allowed us to grieve, grow, cry, laugh, cheer, rest, and run."

tom bowman

"For over 30 years here, we have leaned heavily on small groups - in  good and bad times. God is faithful and has used Groups here  to minister in ways that reminds us we are not walking alone. We all need that reminder."

jude bell (College)

"Being a part of Groups at The Bridge has allowed me to study God’s word weekly alongside a great group of guys. I’m very thankful for the fellowship and community I have attained from my group."

Emma Fernandes (high school)

"I believe that God has created us to be relational people, that there is power and purpose found in having community with one another. My community group is uniquely made up of families, which means I get to hear and explore the Gospel with people of all ages. It is so encouraging to see how God speaks through the oldest couple in the room down to the youngest child in the room. My community group has taught me habits of grace and how I should pursue the Lord in my day to day life."

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