Meet Our Team


Our staff is committed to supporting the work of The Bridge as set forth by the elders. Comprised of pastoral staff, ministry directors, coordinators,  and administrative assistants, the staff at The Bridge works to equip our members for ministry. Each staff member serves on teams alongside other leaders.

Scott Byrd

Executive pastor

"I am tasked as the Executive Pastor, which means I'm invested in a lot of different ministries, specifically Admin. My week to week is filled with teaching and administrative responsibilities, meeting with several of our teams to assist and help them in their ministries."

Madeline Davison


"I am the Student Ministry Associate. My job is to serve alongside Jake Handley as we minister to 6th-12th graders in our community! Specifically I get to work with the young females who attend the Bridge! We also get to walk alongside parents as they disciple their kids during these life stages."

Trenton Fiscus

Director of college and worship 

"In my roles, I am responsible for overseeing College and Worship Ministry at The Bridge. For worship, my hope and goal is to deepen and grow the culture of worship and help others value their relationship with Christ through worship in spirit and truth. College ministry is central to our mission in Ruston, and my wife, Abby, and I  are so thankful for the opportunity to lead these students well. Weekly, I give about 75% of my time to college ministry and about 25% to worship ministry, continuing to lead worship on Sundays. To make this possible, we have hired a part time staff member to provide administrative and media support in worship ."

Beth Foster

the bridge kids ministry assistant

"As The Bridge Kids Ministry Assistant,  my role is to assist and support The Bridge Kids Team  with any needs that arise during the week. Curriculum planning, special events, and dreaming of more ways to love our kids!" 

Jacob Guillot

Student and worship ministry associate

"I am very excited to step into this supportive role. During my weeks, I help prep for ministry events, meet with students, and get videos edited for our weekly newsletter and Sunday mornings! If you need a favor, I'm your guy!"

Chris Hanchey

elder, teaching pastor

"I'm an elder and teaching pastor. One of my primary responsibilities is to oversee Sunday gatherings, so I work closely with our Worship Ministry Director and Teaching Team to plan our services. I work with lots of different areas in our church and provide support and encouragement to our leaders and teams."

Jake Handley

student ministry director 

"As Director of The Bridge Students, I oversee our youth ministry from 6th grade - 12th grade. I invest in students through our Wednesday night services as well as our discipleship programs, and work alongside parents and small group leaders to see students' lives transformed by the gospel. Our mission is to create a culture of loving Jesus, enjoying biblical community, and staying rooted in the truth of God's Word."

Jessica Johnson

college women's director 

"As the College Ministry Directors, Trenton and I work to provide a welcoming environment for college students to learn and grow. As I get to know students, I connect them to resources such as mentors, community groups, bible studies, and counseling."

Raine Neilson

office manager

"Work weeks never look the same: I handle Human Resources and tasks related to finances and facilities. I do my best to keep the office running smoothly."

Mary-Arthur Plette

communications director

 "I oversee communication ideas and churchwide + ministry-specific initiatives. It's a joy to have a visionary job that allows me to support church and ministry leaders as we dream big for their ministry areas while making sure our body is staying informed, equipped, and inspired."

James Skinner

elder, teaching pastor

"I am an elder, teaching pastor, and Pastor of Community Engagement. I divide my time between being in the church and out in the community. Weekly, I meet with leaders, provide pastoral care, invest in community leaders, serving on boards, task forces, and assisting to meet pressing needs in our community."

Kelli Skinner

women's ministry director

"As the Director of The Bridge Women, my time ranges from leadership meetings and individual counseling to planning ways to encourage women to grow in their relationship with God."

Matt Slate

elder, teaching pastor

"I've been on staff for 13 years now. I have the pleasure of overseeing our Groups ministry. Along with that, a normal week for me looks like sermon preparation, supervising staff, and counseling as a Pastor and Elder. "

Lee Sullivan

Global Missions Coordinator

"I get to stay connected with our global partners and help our congregation encourage and pray for them."

Lori Waits

director of the bridge kids

"I am the Director of The Bridge Kids. My job encompasses 3 things that I love - Jesus, kids, and fun! Our Bridge Kids team and volunteers get to share Jesus with babies through fifth graders every week! We also get to walk alongside parents as they disciple their children during these life stages."

Cindi Woods

Office assistant

"As the Office Assistant, I’m the roomba of The Bridge office! I get to pick up whatever tasks are laying around - and I love doing it!"